Abalone - A shell stone which is known to Help People Connect and have Sensual and Imaginative Clarity

Agate - Popular for its healing and spiritual properties Balance, Centredness, Protection, Calmness and Grace

Amazonite - An Energy Stone that can reputedly help Balance Energy

Aventurine - Reflective and Shimmering with qualities of Tranquility, Peace and Creativity and Good Fortune

Jade - Reduces Tension and has a Calming Effect and is known for Anti-ageing effects

Obsidian - Powerful Protection Stone that repels Negative Energy used for Good Luck and a Stronger Mind

Rose Quartz - Associated with Romance and Love and Soothing Negative Emotions

Tiger Eye - A Stone of Protection, enhancing Honesty, Determination,Prosperity, and Good Luck

Lava - A Stone of Energy and Earth believed to possess Grounding, Vitalising Energy and Inner Peace,Courage and Strength