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Yara Necklace 6mm

Yara Necklace 6mm


Gold Belcher Necklace or Silver Belcher Necklace

Do you love eye-catching jewellery and do you like your jewellery to be meaningful? Then our lovely belcher necklace can definitely not be missing from your jewellery collection! This CUS® belcher chain necklace has chunky links to create an absolute statement look. You can make it more personal by choosing a gold belcher necklace or silver belcher necklace. To make your look even more special you can combine this belcher necklace with for example our CUS® snake chain necklace. This way you create an actual necklace party and level up your layers! Moreover, you can add a CUS® meaningful charm to show what you stand for; a Yin/Yang charm for balance and harmony or Spot Sodalite for stability and courage. Every single belcher chain necklace that we offer in our collection has an extension chain to make it suitable for everyone. This makes it the perfect gift for one of your loved ones! By adding a meaningful charm you can make your gift even more personal. ‘CUS we love to give presents!

Belcher chain necklace; how to add charms

It’s very easy to create a belcher necklace full of charms, without having to use any kind of tools. Every charm has a clicker and you can easily connect this clicker to your necklace. Because of the chunky links that this belcher necklace has, more than one charm can be added. All of our products are made of stainless steel. Both the gold belcher necklace as the silver one are entirely made of stainless steel, as well as all the bracelets and charms. When you use a gold belcher necklace, of course you can add a golden charm to combine the colours. Even our CUS® Meaningful Stones are placed in a stainless steel setting to match the necklaces and bracelets that we offer in our collection. Another way to match our products is to combine a necklace with a bracelet. If you choose a belcher necklace gold, you can combine it with the same belcher bracelet. Add a meaningful charm to it and create your very own special combo; ‘CUS we love matching jewellery!

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