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Yara Bracelet

Yara Bracelet


Turn your chain link bracelet into charm bracelets!

Do you adore chunky and statement jewellery pieces? Then the chain bracelet by CUS® will most probably fit perfectly in your collection! The bracelet is made of stainless steel. The chunky links of this chain link bracelet create a bold look around your wrist. Furthermore, you can easily turn this chain bracelet into charm bracelets, by adding CUS® charms. The links of these bracelets are perfect to add several charms; one charm for every link. There are several more ways to make this belcher chain bracelet more personal. We already told you about the CUS® charms that you can add to your bracelet. Another option is to combine this chain bracelet with a belcher chain necklace. This combination is a real eye catcher and will most definitely toughen up your outfit. The last option is to level up your layers and combine several bracelets by stacking them. Take your charm bracelets and add for example the CUS® snake bracelet. Another CUS® bracelet that you can add to your stack is the CUS® enamel bracelet. This bracelet will add some colour to your wrist instantly. ‘CUS we love colours!

Chain bracelet 

The CUS® chain bracelet is the perfect chain bracelet women who like statement jewellery pieces. If you wish to make this chain link bracelet a bit more personal, you can add some charms. Every CUS® charm has a clicker connected to it. To open this clicker, you don’t need any kind of tools. You can open and close them by hand, which makes it easy to add or change the charms depending on your mood. Are you a colourful person and do you adore the meaning of different colours? Then check out our CUS® meaningful colour charms. Choose the yellow charm for happiness and positivity, or red, for energy and strength. Combine these colours with a CUS® meaningful stone, or CUS® meaningful sign, and create your own very personal charm bracelets. Of course this also counts when you wish to give this bracelet to someone as a present. You can fully customize it to someone’s personality. The possibilities are endless!

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