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Tigers Eye Stone Charm

Tigers Eye Stone Charm


The Tiger’s Eye properties are known for bringing clarity and balance, which can help you make choices. The Tiger’s Eye meaning also implies that it would help boost your self-confidence. CUS® Tiger’s Eye stone charms are made of chips and every single charm has a unique shape. This means you always have a unique and personalized Tiger’s Eye meaning charm. The tumbled chips are polished, which brings out the radiant shine of this natural stone beautifully. Every stone is strung on a gold coloured chain pin and has a clicker attached to it. These clickers are rings of stainless steel and can easily be opened and closed. This means that you can add or change the CUS® charm within seconds! Moreover, all of the items are available in both gold and silver and are all made of stainless steel. This means we have a suitable and hypoallergenic option for everyone.

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