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Mira Necklace 5mm or 3mm

Mira Necklace 5mm or 3mm


Do you love to wear necklaces and are you a big fan of a bold and chunky look? Then check out our flat snake chain necklace! This flat snake necklace has flat and smooth links that make it seem like an actual snake pattern. The flat snake chain necklace has a width of 5mm. If you prefer a more subtle and elegant look, don’t forget to take a look at the small snake necklace, which has a width of only 3mm. We offer this necklace, to make sure we have an option for everyone’s personal taste. Made of stainless steel to maintain beautifully while wearing, even in contact with water. If you wish to make a special creation of your own, you could combine the flat snake chain necklace with a chunky belcher chain necklace. Add some colour by using an enamel ball chain necklace and stack all three necklaces for your own personal statement look. Another option is to combine your flat snake necklace with a snake bracelet. The snake bracelets are also available in both 3mm and 5mm. ‘CUS we love matching jewellery items! To create a personalised necklace, you could add a CUS® meaningful charm to your flat snake necklace. You can add any kind of charm to your custom necklace; a CUS® Rhodonite charm for love and healing in combination with a CUS® colourful charm in the colour green, for balance and harmony. To strengthen your balance even more, you could combine the green charm with our CUS® Yin and Yang charm.

Custom necklace

The flat snake chain necklace is already rather classy on itself, but more meaning can be added by using one of our lovely CUS® meaningful charms. All charms come with a clicker and this clicker can be closed and opened without the use of any kind of tools. This way, you can easily add or change your CUS® charms. Every charm has its own special meaning and by adding these charms to your piece of jewellery, you can instantly create a personalised necklace. This custom necklace is also perfect as a gift to one of your loved ones. Add a charm that fits the receiver of the gift. For example, add a CUS® heart charm to your personalised necklace as a gift to your mother, sister or best friend, to show how much you love her. Or a CUS® charm colour orange, for creativity and optimism, for that one artistic friend who you cherish so much. The possibilities for creating meaningful necklaces are endless! Which combination of charms are you going to make to create the perfect gift?

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