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Mira Bracelet

Mira Bracelet


Snake bracelet made of stainless steel

If you love striking jewellery, somewhere in between bold and elegant, then our CUS® snake bracelet is exactly what you need to be wearing! This flat snake chain bracelet has a thickness of 5mm or 3mm and is an absolute eye catcher. The flat link this bracelet has is super elegant, but you can create a slightly more of a feisty look. This snake chain bracelet is made of stainless steel. This material does not wear out and remains shiny while using it, even in contact with water. We also have a snake necklace in our range. Combine your snake bracelet with the CUS® snake necklace for a lovely matching pair. Another possibility is to combine the gold snake bracelet, with for example the CUS® gold belcher chain, for a bold look. This chunky bracelet toughens up your outfit and will draw the attention to your wrist. If you wish to combine your flat snake chain bracelet with a more colourful option, then we would suggest the CUS® enamel bracelet. The small colourful balls will brighten up your look and are available in a lot of different colours. Impossible to not find a colour that suits you. ‘CUS we love individual styles!

Gold snake bracelet and silver snake chain bracelet

Not only our bracelets come in 2 colours; a gold snake bracelet and a silver snake bracelet, but also all of the CUS meaningful charms come in both gold and silver. This way your creations will always match and a piece of jewellery can be made for any kind of personal taste. It's very easy to connect a charm to your flat snake chain bracelet. Every charm has a clicker connected to it which you can easily open and close without the use of any tools. That's why this system is also perfect as a gift to one of your loved ones. Choose a flat snake bracelet, or any other type of bracelet or necklace, and decide which of our CUS® meaningful charms fits this person best. Maybe this person needs some energy and strength; in this case our CUS meaningful charm in colour red is perfect. Or if you want to wish someone some good luck and protection, then our CUS® charm meaningful sign ‘Evil Eye’ is a great option to do so. Take a gold snake bracelet and combine it with a meaningful charm in gold. Every combination is possible and we have a suitable charm for every person and occasion. Discover all of your favorite charms to create a personalised bracelet in either silver or gold. Which combination would work for you?

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