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Heart Charm

Heart Charm


These series of meaningful charms made of stainless steel are designed and composed with special attention. All of the jewellery pieces, including all charms, are available in silver and gold. This way your Heart bracelet and Heart pendant necklace are at your disposal in the colour that suits you best. Every single charm has a clicker connected to it, which makes it easy to mix and match all of the CUS® items. If you are wearing your Heart bracelet, but you wish to add some more charms, no problem! Just choose the right charm, open the clicker without having to use any type of tools, and add the charm to your bracelet. The same counts for your necklace with heart pendant; if you feel like adding another Meaningful Charm, easy! Do you feel like putting the charm on another jewellery item, just do so! These items are made to be changed effortlessly so that you always wear a charm that fits your mood.

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