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Fancy Agate Stone Charm

Fancy Agate Stone Charm


Are purity and stability in life very important to you? Then Agate Jewellery might just be perfect for you! The Agate meaning is known for providing grounding and allowing you to stand with both feet on the ground. Agate is found in North and South America, but was first found in Sicily. This precious stone can be divided into several species; crazy lace agate, moss agate, tree agate and blue lace agate. The most common Agate has a brown, beige and white colour. The CUS® Fancy Agate pendant is cut in a tube shape for a sleek look. Each charm has the same shape and features a radiant shimmer, showing off the colours beautifully. This tube charm is strung on a gold coloured chain pin and has a clicker attached to it. This clicker can easily be opened and closed. With this charm you can easily create an adorable Blue Lace Agate bracelet. Also, you can turn your bracelet into an Agate necklace within seconds. It is also possible to add more of the CUS® meaningful charms to your piece of jewellery, which allows you to create a personal and unique item. How about the CUS® Tree of Life charm, which (very appropriately) stands for personal growth?

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