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Evil Eye Charm

Evil Eye Charm


All of the CUS jewellery items are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel remains beautiful and shiny while wearing it and the colour does not fade. This means that the Evil Eye has a stunning colour and will remain gorgeous while wearing it. You can easily create an Evil Eye bracelet or necklace, and this charm can also perfectly be combined with all of the other CUS Meaningful Charms. The Evil Eye has a clicker connected to it, which makes it easy to add on your CUS jewellery item. This way, you can make your own creation of stylish and personal jewellery items that you will wear with love. So if you know someone you would like to wish good luck and or someone that could use some extra protection in their life, then this charm with the Evil Eye meaning is the perfect gift, as it symbolizes protection and luck. Combine this charm with other charms from our CUS® collection and create a beautiful charm bracelet or necklace in no time.

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