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Chalcedony Stone Charm

Chalcedony Stone Charm


Could you use some more stability and peace? Then a piece of jewellery with Black Chalcedony should not be missing from your collection! Chalcedony is a type of quartz that comes in many colours. The Black Chalcedony meaning helps you find peace and grounding. Every CUS® charm is made out of stainless steel and has a clicker connected to it. This clicker opens and closes effortlessly, which makes it easy to switch or add charms. The CUS® Black Chalcedony charm has a tubular shaped form and has a beautiful shine. The tubes are strung on a gold coloured chain pin  and just like the rest of the jewellery pieces of the entire CUS® collection are waterproof and won't tarnish.. When creating a Black Chalcedony pendant necklace, consider adding more charms to enhance the Black Chalcedony meaning. For example, the CUS® meaningful colour charm in the colour Black, which stands for strength and control. Or the Tree of Life charm, from the CUS® meaningful signs collection, which represents personal growth and strength. Check out the website to see the entire CUS® collection and create your own personal and unique piece of jewellery!

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