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Gold Birth Flower Necklaces

Gold Birth Flower Necklaces

SKU: BFNeckGold

Beautiful Stainless Steel Gold Birth Flower Necklace unique and personal gift on Stainless Steel Gold Satellite Chain with Neat Stainless Steel Lobster Clasp

January Carnation (Admiration and love)

February Violet (Modesty and Faithfulness)

March Daffodil (New Beginnings and Prosperity)

April Daisy (Purity and Innocense)

May Lily of the Valley (Sweetness and Purity)

June Rose (Romance and Beauty)

July Water Lily (Purity and Rebirth)

August Poppy (Imagination and Strength)

September Aster (Wisdom and Faith)

October Marigold (Creativity and Passion)

November Chysanthemum (Loyalty and Honesty)

December Narcissus (Hope and Wealth)

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