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Market Fever

Great news, the markets are re-opening this month with my first at Cheadle on Saturday the 6th of June with hopefully a few more to come. In the new world of Covid-19 there have been lots of new measures put in place to keep ourselves and our customers safe. I have just completed an online covid health and safety exam, printed out my risk assessment forms and have my "Corona kit" as I have nicknamed it packed and ready. All the usual suspects inside the box that have become part of our everyday life this last few months whenever we venture out and about - sprays, hand sanitiser, gloves, masks, wipes, rolls of j- cloths and kitchen roll. I am lucky in the sense that my product packaging (my little bottles) are very hygienic and wipe free and all my cloths are now also wipe free too. My card machine is charging ready for lots of contactless sales.

The lockdown has been a steep learning curve for me, I have used the time to update my website and up my social media game, have taken part in online markets and the whole community has been very supportive but I love the face to face aspect of the markets and have really missed it. I have great colleagues and customers and even regular dogs who visit my stall, we have stood there in rain, snow, wind and sun and I can't wait to get out there and see them all again, I just need to remember not to run and give them a hug ! Angela x

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