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Making and Baking

Missing my market as it would have been a busy day with an early start with lots of fun with my colleagues and customers. Saturdays and Sundays have been so strange lately, the weekends have become my chill time as I try to keep some structure to the week. However I did end up making a few pairs of earrings this morning having found some little black wooden discs that I thought I had run out of. After bottling them up and heading for the coffee machine I forgot to tuck in my chair and came back to my making table to find Alfie on it guarding my tools. He believes he is my assistant and the dog biscuits, cheese and bacon are his wages.

The rest of today was spent baking a chocolate cheesecake with my daughter to make up for not being able to come home from the market with lots of tasty treats. Stay safe lovely people - Angela x

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