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Happy New Year !

Happy 2021 everyone, I think we are all glad to see the back of 2020 and all its frustrations and challenges and even though we are locked down again, with the new vaccine being rolled out life does feel a bit more hopeful.

My first big 2021 goal is to dive into the world of Etsy, 2020 was a massive learning curve for me as far as the online world is concerned, I am a people person and love being on the markets and chatting and meeting people but I had to get my head around websites and instagram, having a husband with the patience of a saint and two teenagers has helped me no end, so Etsy here I come and I will keep you posted.

Like so many others my waistline is definitly feeling a bit larger after xmas so am going to use the lockdown to try and get a bit healthier, however my earrings always fit and thankfully I have a lot of choice ( a girl can never have enough earrings ) and with that in mind I will be emailing out a discount code to use at the website checkout to all my subscribers. So if you havn't already go and subscribe on the website because the offer is 20% off all earrings in January ! Show yourself some lockdown love.

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