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And Action !

So the Lockdown continues for me and I find myself watching programmes on TV which would normally have totally passed me by. My daughter has got me binge watching 'Glow Up', the makeup artist competition with Stacey Dooley and I am totally addicted and inspired by the amazing work these young artists come up with and how there work is photographed and presented is fascinating ! It's got me thinking about the way I photograph and present my own earrings to the online world when I no longer have a physical market stall. My photo shoots usually involve my iPhone with a cracked screen and a torch !

My kids are also introducing me to the world of instagram filters, influencers and memes, hell I'm sitting writing a blog, with some help from the kids I may even become a Vlogger ! (whatever that is) Anyway below is a photo of some new hoops with wood and resin in a lovely sunny yellow to cheer up your day, stay safe everyone - Angela x

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